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B5bo-8CIMAALoLNGet the book HERE.

If you aren’t reading Barrett Brown’s work, you should be.

This week, I’m reading his latest book, Keep Rootin for Putin, after witnessing (from afar – thanks, Twitter) the depressing spectacle of his December 16th sentencing. LOL jk, I mean “sentencing.” More like a sorry excuse to drag the poor guy in front of an apathetic press, scare the crap out any journalists who WERE paying attention, and extend Barrett’s imprisonment through yet another Christmas. Sentencing’s now set for January 22. (Let’s hope that’s the real one.)


I’m a huge fan of his past work. I’m excited to finally get the chance to read his latest book, and you should join me. You can get a copy by donating (any amount!) to the Free Barrett Brown support network. Here, read a review first if you’d like. Or, if you’re not convinced, take a look at some of Barrett’s own writing on DMagazine.

But seriously. Get the book. Read the book. And tell everyone you know. Now more than ever, it is time to listen. Let’s show those in power, it is NOT so easy to silence a journalist!

Or……….. if you’re that lazy, you can listen in on Twitter, where I’ll be tweeting as I read 😉

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