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Just wrote my second article for PirateWho – yay!  Sidenote: I’m excited that I finally have a place where I can go on about pirate ideology with others of like mind.  Rambling all by yourself gets a little lonely.  Plus, I hope I can be of use in bringing a little bit of the artist’s POV into the usually very tech-heavy pirate circles.

Anyway… the article’s all about how the old guard of the media industries and the legislators,  have continually underestimated the young generation of file-sharers.

Here’s the beginning bit to give you an idea…

Some people think that pirates are children.  Some people think that pirates are just children, short-sighted and reckless and wanting everything handed to them for free like “kids these days” do.  And file-sharing, so the story goes, is just something else the kids these days are into, like spray tans and awkwardly aligned baseball caps.

But we are not kids.

Not always.

Eleven years ago, I was fourteen–just a kid.  Just a kid, like all the rest, who were supposed to learn a lesson once and for all about our childish notions of sharing:  it is wrong.

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