An Open Letter to Der Spiegel On Copyright: I’m Right Here

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I wrote a letter today. I thought of letting it sit for a while–maybe one day, maybe two–to let the emotions settle down.  I thought of coming back to it later, as I often do with my posts, to make sure that the commas are in order, that I sound professional and polished, and that… Read more »

Free As In Freedom – For Fiction? (Part I.)

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Two weeks ago, a guest post appeared on one of my favorite (and oft-cited) blogs.  The author was a mysterious web developer and Arizonian named Jack Zeal, and the post, entitled To Be Esteemed, Be Useful, detailed the cumbersome nature of licenses, even those designed to promote free use.  Mr. Zeal concluded that the best alternative was to “embrace… Read more »

The World Part I

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Taking a break from tedious edits, I returned to another running project–my ode to the digital age, Brave New World ( yeah, stole that.  It was fitting…. though also probably won’t be the exact final title!)  You can download individual stories or the whole thing––free, duh––in epub, mobi or PDF formats.  Or just hand out here and… Read more »

The Hunger Games: Week 1 Check In

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24 hours. That’s how much time it took me to finish Hunger Games. I was embarrassed about this.  After all Hunger Games gets a lot of shit from the writing community. (Some examples) I’ve seen a few writers lament that their writing gets rejected while “badly written” books like The Hunger Games and Twilight get massively popular.  But it was this “bad writing,”… Read more »

Crazy Pitches

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Ever tried explaining Lord of the Rings to someone?  A non-fantasy reader? Well, there’s this ring and it’s, magic.  And it’s also evil so people want to destroy it, but it’s, like, power-evil, not spell-evil.  Also, it’s basically indestructible so they have to go to this, um, fire in a mountain to destroy it.  Anyway,… Read more »

The Future For Writers

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This is a Sunflower.  A cheerful flower, indicative of placation, non-angst, or general cheeriness.

Novels are special, so the novelists say. Novels are special because they are the skyscrapers of the literary world: pages piled high with wide, sweeping horizons, long histories, complex machines of character and society.  A novels is big, no matter the page count.  The builder must find not only a way to survive the construction of this skyscraper, but… Read more »

What Flattr Is For

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Three months?  Three months?  checking… checking…  Yup.  Three months since my last Flattr-related post.  Time for an update! Last fall, I talked about the Flattr community and philosophy. But the practical application is really what the creative communities are watching for.  What is concrete realization of the philosophy?  What are the tangible benefits? I wondered too.  And… Read more »

Can’t talk. Reading other people’s emails.

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Hey, all. Just a quick update.  I know blogging’s been slipping through the cracks for me lately.  I’m still hard at work on Skyland.  Plus I accidentally started another book last night while pacing around my apartment–don’t ideas always come to you when you’re about bored enough to jump out a window?  Must be some… Read more »

Pricing and Professional Authordom Arrrg.

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My last post on professional authordom, prompted a bit of a discussion about pricing–another one of those things I’ve been deliberating as I prepare for the professional author makeover.  The discussion weighed the merits of pricing e-books rather than leaving them free.  As an advocate of free shit, I lean heavily in favor of finding a… Read more »