New Stories: “Ask” & “Richard”

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Hey there! After a brief – and very productive – time without internet, I’m finally settled back in Buffalo, and more importantly in the digital realms. I’m delighted to say that some of the fruit of this break from the internet is two new short stories: Ask is a look at an online romance in a world… Read more »

WORLD is coming

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You’ve seen it around here before.  Stories, drafts, scraps. The uncreatively-working-titled Brave New World or THIS Brave New World.  But this world isn’t new – for most of us, it’s been around longer than we have.  It is brave, but it it’s also everyday. It’s just the world. It’s the one we see when we sit down at… Read more »

FREE “Tree Books” For September

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Stories About Things is back on Amazon at the token price of $1.  And this time, it’s there to stay – and it’s going to make some noise. Stories has got some nice reviews floating around the interwebs.  But readers expect reviews in one place: Amazon. So in light of that……… Readers who review Stories About Things on… Read more »

Writers: Is this where we are headed?

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“People in power are selling themselves to the highest bidder and completely disregarding public opinion of their own citizens for policies that are supposed to ‘protect the average citizen’ where in reality, all they do is instill levels of control and punish the average person for something that is not even a crime in their… Read more »

THIS is IT? The Debate Wherein Author RS Mellette Goes All 50 Shades & Wants To Beat Me ;-)

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Note: Henceforth, all TUEBL updates shall be collected into The One Thread TO RULE THEM ALL!   Without even offering to buy dinner first!  Chivalry, gentlemen!  Where has it gone? *tsk tsk* In between working like crazy on my 52 short stories for the 52 Short Stories Challenge and pulling together my second collection of stories in This Brave… Read more »

51 Shades of Short Stories: #1 “CEASA”

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Two weeks in to the 52 Shades of Short Stories challenge,  here’s story #1, readable right here and downloadable (free, duh) from Smashwords. It’s a bad day when your spaceship crashes.  But if it’s a ship fueled by carbon emissions that runs aground on one of the most polluted habitable planets in the galaxy, your day… Read more »

52 Shades Of Short Stories

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It started on the Kindleboards.  A discussion of author Dean Wesley Smith’s assertion that it is completely possible to make a living writing short stories.  It morphed into a challenge: If making a living on short fiction is possible, well then, do it. Ok.  Bring on 52 Shades of Short Stories. (um….. wait.  Site down… Read more »