Artists Have Opinions, Get Over It

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This post was inspired by a TorrentFreak comment thread earlier this week. But it could have been inspired by any number of interactions I’ve had over the years as an artist with a political opinion. It’s been said a hundred times, but I say it again because it keeps needing to be said: Artists can make up… Read more »

Dear Lady Justice: I Am Not A Xerox Machine (Full Version)

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Yesterday,  this article on reminded of a guest post I did on PirateWho about the value of creators – something the copyright debate tends to ignore. With PirateWho currently down, I’m republishing my guest post in full here: Dear Lady Justice, How are you? I ask because you seem a bit disoriented lately.  I wouldn’t… Read more »

Embarrassing Confession: I like to watch reality TV while I write.

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Sorry for the doom and gloom lately. On a ligher note… My shameful confession of the year! Last year, during NaNoWriMo, I posted a few tips that I find helpful for marathon writing. Some of them are awkward, like remembering to wear pants when rushing out of the house, and avoiding the I-forgot-to-shower-between-chapters-two-through-eleven stink.  But here’s the… Read more »


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Halfway through November, my NaNoWriMo updates looked pretty grim. Well, confession time: Things didn’t get any better. I stopped updating my word count shortly after I switched projects, not because I wasn’t writing, but because I wasn’t posting it. Not that every WriMo posts their work – most don’t. But I said I would, and I wasn’t going… Read more »

Professional Authordom And Pen Names Arrrrrg! AGAIN.

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Newbie writers hear it a thousand times: Just write the damn book. Don’t worry about what comes after. Here’s the thing. After arrives a lot quicker than you think. With a handful of stories and a finished novel, I know I have to put on my big girl pants and be professional. I’m an indie author,… Read more »

Livewriting NaNoWriMo 2012

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Last November was different. I had a good job.Good pay. Good hours. Good vacations. Good opportunities. I had a good apartment. No rent. No roommates. No am-I-going-to-make-rent stress. And I had a social life in one of the best cities in the world. But I left. I flew halfway around the world, from Beijing to Buffalo…. Read more »