My Weekend Reading: Flock of Dodos

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Barrett Brown: jailed journalist, author, totally-not-spokesman for Anonymous, and general pot-stirring jackass*. (*note: term jackass used with utmost respect and admiration) Arrest did nothing to stop Barrett Brown  from publishing. From his new home in a Texas jail, he weighs in on everything from censorship to political history to jailhouse race dynamics to cookies. His work creates this… Read more »

Writers, Writing, and Getting Paid – Reblog: “The Great Release”

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LISTEN to this! A recent playwright’s post displays a beautiful illustration of the plight that many, many writers face as they fight to keep a tight hold on their work. Read the whole damn thing. “Let’s explore this idea that “giving away” my scripts devalues them. My plays are valueless, as long as they sit in a drawer…………………. Read more »

Flattr Problem #3 that’s not really a problem

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WTF is this?  See: Problem #1: “begging” for money Problem #2: no guarantees The third hurdle for Flattr to clear deals specifically with their visibility–or lack thereof. Not many writers have Flattr buttons because most writers have never heard of Flattr.  The way around this should be simple: tell them!  Spread the word and welcome… Read more »