TUEBL Addressess Copyright Concerns From Authors

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TUEBL has recently come under fire from a small number authors and publishers who did not know about our service and thought we were up to something no good. Instead of replying to each problem individually on Twitter, we thought we would answer some of the most common questions here and provide our own statement…. Read more »

How to Pronounce TUEBL

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Things have been dark lately! The heavy politics, pirate-chasing, and profit talk are tiring. How about a break? Yeah, I could use one, too. So instead of doom and gloom, today I bring you…….. A Tutorial! Specifically, a how-to on TUEBL. Or at least, on TUEBL’s pronunciation! Pronunciation is hard in Internetland, where the written word rules…. Read more »

Is TUEBL legal?

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Is TUEBL legal? It’s a common question about our friendly neighborhood ebook library. And fair enough. If something is awesome enough, there’s probably a law against it. So let’s answer it once and for all with a resounding YES. Under the current admins, TUEBL has always had a DMCA takedown process, which means it falls solidly… Read more »

Hey TUEBLovers, Welcome to Cheapass Fiction!

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Hi there! I’m Aelius. I write. I’m also an avid TUEBL fan. You know that Facebook page everyone checks for the latest library news/panic/oh-my-god-where-is-TUEBL moments? I made that. After false DMCA takedowns (sent to Facebook…….. where exactly zero books are kept o_O ) forced the official page offline, I wanted to make sure that readers and… Read more »

Is TUEBL Down?

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No. TUEBL is just fine. But six-strikes rumors have sent a chill through the ebookworm community. For those who missed it, the United States’ six-strikes schemes, like it’s foreign cousins the three–strikes, is a plan hatched between the copyright industries (read: Hollywood, Record Labels, and other non-artist middlemen) to stop people downloading and sharing art for free…. Read more »

Here, Have A Hug :-)

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Remember back in the day, like July, when the rage against TUEBL began? While TUEBL is just fine, last week, the angry mob took a civilian casualty: LendInk – a list of lendable books from the kindle store.  Mistaking it for a pirate site, the authors took their pitchforks and torches to LendInk’s hosting company, Amazon, and the poor… Read more »


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LAST Update April 28, 2013: Yeah……uh, haha just kidding about the ONE THREAD thing! Since CheapassFiction is now the ONE TUEBL BLOG to rule them all, I’ll just be updating everything TUEBL-related as regular posts! Update Jan 20, 2013 2:20PM: Yes, new TUEBL is limping along for the day as a result of scheduled server/maintenance/mumblemumbleinsertcomputervocabularyhere work. Tomorrow… Read more »

THIS is IT? The Debate Wherein Author RS Mellette Goes All 50 Shades & Wants To Beat Me ;-)

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Note: Henceforth, all TUEBL updates shall be collected into The One Thread TO RULE THEM ALL!   Without even offering to buy dinner first!  Chivalry, gentlemen!  Where has it gone? *tsk tsk* In between working like crazy on my 52 short stories for the 52 Short Stories Challenge and pulling together my second collection of stories in This Brave… Read more »

The Hunger Games: Week 1 Check In

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24 hours. That’s how much time it took me to finish Hunger Games. I was embarrassed about this.  After all Hunger Games gets a lot of shit from the writing community. (Some examples) I’ve seen a few writers lament that their writing gets rejected while “badly written” books like The Hunger Games and Twilight get massively popular.  But it was this “bad writing,”… Read more »