I am so angry about The Pirate Bay founder’s treatment. Also, I’m becoming a vegetarian.

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  UPDATE: Now there’s a petition to improve his conditions. Please sign and show your support! Since his arrest, Peter Sunde, founder of The Pirate Bay, has written to the outside world twice to describe the terrible conditions which he and the other Swedish prisoners are subject to. Early in July, he revealed that he’d already lost over 10 pounds in… Read more »

File-Sharing Recognized as Official Religion in Sweden

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Yup.  Official religion. Official. Religion. My first reaction when I read this article was to look at the calendar and make sure it wasn’t somehow April suddenly.  Of course, internet pranks aren’t limited to ye ol’ traditional April Fools.  And after following the link at the end of the article and putting in my email… Read more »

Pirate Denied Due Process Because of Illness

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Update 9/1/12: He’s ALIVE!  😀   Sadly, he’s alive in a Cambodian jail with only the prospect of Swedish prison ahead of him, being that he was denied the right to defend himself….    But OMG – Alive! Since we’re talking about libraries… (Or:  No, this is not off topic!) Is There a Prison for… Read more »