Flattr Problem #3 that’s not really a problem

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WTF is this?  See: Problem #1: “begging” for money Problem #2: no guarantees The third hurdle for Flattr to clear deals specifically with their visibility–or lack thereof. Not many writers have Flattr buttons because most writers have never heard of Flattr.  The way around this should be simple: tell them!  Spread the word and welcome… Read more »

Smashwords + NaNoWriMo is up!

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Good news: My NaNoWriMo crap won’t be clogging up this site anymore. The NaNoWriMo section of Smashwords is working just fine now. I guess I just jumped the gun, being out of the gate at a mad dash Midnight November 1st (well, I did wait till Pacific time…) and apparently the folks at Smashwords were ready for… Read more »