SQUEEE! New Skyland Book I Is Finally Launched!

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Hey world! Today after almost a year of work – on top of work on Skyland Book II, general blog transformations, and numerous other projects – today, I am FINALLY launching the new Extended Edition of Skyland I: Abominations.  Extended edition? Extended edition?  Who does an extended edition of a novel? I hear you. This took nearly a year to… Read more »

Writing to Amazon, Re: Free Books

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This week, in the quest to get my books free on Amazon, I wrote to them asking if they could speed up the process. For anyone curious about the behind-the-scenes process, here are the letters. This will be updated as (/if) I get more responses. (Also, if you still want to help me by telling Amazon… Read more »

I Need Your Help: Get Amazon to Free Skyland!

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As many of you already know, earlier this year my book Skyland Book I: Abominations came to rest quietly on the digital shelves. Now, it needs your help. I need your help. After some… uh… disagreements over distribution in the Smashwords catalogue – which distributes to all the major online ebook retailers – Skyland was published separately to Amazon, which accepts public domain… Read more »

NaNoWriMo 2012

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Let the countdown begin! Only two weeks to go until Day One of the best month of the year. Or more accurately, fourteen days, eleven hours, and thirty minutes…. by the time I post this. Despite being a perpetual NaNoWriMo Loser and Rebel Repeat Offender, I still look forward to November every year. And 2012 will… Read more »

The Zone: I’m Not There

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Nope. Not even close. Just a month after shelving the first draft of Skyland, I’m back at it.  Couldn’t keep away.  But it’s okay.  Since I started writing the damn thing all the way back in November–and chapter 1 in December the previous year–I think enough time has passed for me to read the first… Read more »