51 Shades of Short Stories: #1 “CEASA”

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Two weeks in to the 52 Shades of Short Stories challenge,  here’s story #1, readable right here and downloadable (free, duh) from Smashwords. It’s a bad day when your spaceship crashes.  But if it’s a ship fueled by carbon emissions that runs aground on one of the most polluted habitable planets in the galaxy, your day… Read more »

The World Part I

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Taking a break from tedious edits, I returned to another running project–my ode to the digital age, Brave New World ( yeah, stole that.  It was fitting…. though also probably won’t be the exact final title!)  You can download individual stories or the whole thing––free, duh––in epub, mobi or PDF formats.  Or just hand out here and… Read more »

RemembeRed Prompt: “Crash”

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The is a RemembeRed prompt: “Today we’re trying a little something different. Are you ready? Your word is below. Take the next ten minutes to write about the first single memory that word calls up. Focus on the emotions and the experience, spend ten minutes really exploring that memory. Then wrap it up, publish, and come back… Read more »

Short Story#1: Time

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Science fiction is a genre that never came very easily to me because, well, I’m not terribly good with science. But I love sci-fi, and having never been deterred by lack of skill before (you should have seen my attempts at sports in high school)  I went ahead and wrote in it anyway. This is… Read more »

Greg X Graves Interview

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Ever have a dream where you’re being chased by a tyrannosaurus rex and everybody’s really scared but then you’re suddenly riding it and having all sorts of fun and everybody thinks that its really cool? I do. Every night. Greg X Graves The Interview Part I: The requisite writing questions Why do you write? Have… Read more »