End of Summer Cleaning

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Recently, I posted about my attempts to organize (read: simplify) this site.   It is still in a transition period, but hopefully stabilizing soon.  That is, after one more upheaval. In a further attempt at organization, I’m combing two of my blogs: Cheap Ass Fiction and Cheap Ass Fiction Fiction  Basically, I’m bringing the fiction… Read more »

Bruce Willis and Dragons: Two Legendary Creatures ~ Guest post by Greg X Graves

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________________________________________ Zombies, necromancers and orbital death platforms are not the only things that come out of the mind of Greg X Graves.  Greg was nice enough to open up said mind and let some more thoughts spill out for your consideration.  Read on: ________________________________________ Imagine Bruce Willis. Now imagine a dragon. Now imagine Bruce Willis… Read more »

Greg X Graves Interview

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Ever have a dream where you’re being chased by a tyrannosaurus rex and everybody’s really scared but then you’re suddenly riding it and having all sorts of fun and everybody thinks that its really cool? I do. Every night. Greg X Graves The Interview Part I: The requisite writing questions Why do you write? Have… Read more »