How will we get paid? part i: Publishing

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__________________________________ Part IV.i of What Pirates Say To Copyright. (WTF? Start from the beginning) __________________________________ The pirate king, is right. Harsh though it sounds, getting artists paid is not a politician’s job. It’s the artists’ job. So in a world without copyright monopoly, how will we make money? This question is important and complex and… Read more »

“How shall the artists get paid?”–Annotated Version

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A few days ago, I reposted an article from about how artists will make money in a world without the strict copyright “protections” of today. Well, actually it wasn’t so much about how artists will make money, but about how this really isn’t an issue–or at least it isn’t an issue for politicians. Well,… Read more »

How shall the artists get paid?

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Update: Find my annotated version here To drag my thoughts away from Norway, I’ve been digging through pirate-y things to bring up here.  I dug this up from . It’s a little old, but since the copyright situation now is about what it was in January, it is still very much relevant. I didn’t… Read more »

“They’re Not Buying Diapers”

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You wouldn’t want to meet this guy on the high seas! (This is Peter Sunde. He is not really so scary.) Part I of What Pirates Say To Copyright. For the record, piracy–even the kind that doesn’t involve killing people at sea–is illegal in most places. I’m not encouraging it, because, face it, who needs… Read more »

Commercial Publication

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I’m Posting This Sh1t Online, Now Whaddaya Gonna Do? Part IV Commercial Publication or What we really want This series aimed to address the arguments against webfiction.  It will conclude by addressing the one assumption that powers most of these arguments: Commercial success is the goal of every artist. The beginning of this series I… Read more »