New Things And Monkey Wrenches: Netkups

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I’ve been looking over my shoulder for a while now. For about a year, my work has been housed quite comfortably at Smashwords.  Smashwords is great.  Simple.  Easy.  All the file formats you could want – and even ones no one ever wants.  And recently, I built a second home at Amazon, which likewise has… Read more »

WORLD is coming

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You’ve seen it around here before.  Stories, drafts, scraps. The uncreatively-working-titled Brave New World or THIS Brave New World.  But this world isn’t new – for most of us, it’s been around longer than we have.  It is brave, but it it’s also everyday. It’s just the world. It’s the one we see when we sit down at… Read more »

Writers: Is this where we are headed?

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“People in power are selling themselves to the highest bidder and completely disregarding public opinion of their own citizens for policies that are supposed to ‘protect the average citizen’ where in reality, all they do is instill levels of control and punish the average person for something that is not even a crime in their… Read more »

Becka Sutton on Crowdfunding!

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And she’s here! Becka Sutton, author of the web series, Dragon Wars, and The Haventon Chronicles, has stopped in at Cheapass Fiction as part of her blog tour for  Land of Myth, Book One of the Dragon Wars saga, now available in ebook and paperback formats.  She’s already covered dragon languages, world building, and dragon attack survival tips, so here Becka’s talking about her experiences with… Read more »

Copyright Debate at Litopia Writers’ Colony

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Update for anyone who wants to watch the fireworks over at Litopia. Update Update : Mike Masnick’s own account of the debate is up on Techdirt. LOZ: Let’s start by his attack on the British Library, which it was– RICHARD: –No it wasn’t, that is a complete and utter…that is… there you go again…… this is classic Pirate… Read more »

Stories About Things – More Things Happening

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Ok, ok, I know!  It’s not there. As a steady trickle of emails have alerted me, people noticed when Stories About Things disappeared from CreateSpace and Amazon.  First, thanks for noticing!  Secondly, problem solved: the original dead-tree version of Stories About Things is officially back up. And it’s not alone. There are now two versions of the book available…. Read more »

Free As in Freedom: Books Are Not Software (Part 2a)

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This is a continuation of my musing on a free-software-type ideology for fiction. Read Part I The primary argument against the ideology of free software seeping into fiction may be that they too-different spheres whose ideas are simply non-transferrable. I disagree.  Of course. But it’s a valid point.  Fiction is not software.  Books are not computers…. Read more »

The Future For Writers

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This is a Sunflower.  A cheerful flower, indicative of placation, non-angst, or general cheeriness.

Novels are special, so the novelists say. Novels are special because they are the skyscrapers of the literary world: pages piled high with wide, sweeping horizons, long histories, complex machines of character and society.  A novels is big, no matter the page count.  The builder must find not only a way to survive the construction of this skyscraper, but… Read more »