I Need Your Help: Get Amazon to Free Skyland!

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As many of you already know, earlier this year my book Skyland Book I: Abominations came to rest quietly on the digital shelves. Now, it needs your help. I need your help. After some… uh… disagreements over distribution in the Smashwords catalogue – which distributes to all the major online ebook retailers – Skyland was published separately to Amazon, which accepts public domain… Read more »

I’m Not Crazy! Others Break Into The Public Domain

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When I first used CC0, the public domain “license”, on Stories About Things in 2011, I’d only ever seen it in two places: Falkvinge.net (the blog of the Pirate Party founder – no surprise there!) and Your Face is a Saxophone (yeah, that’s as awesome as it sounds.) No basic googling turned up any big time indie writers using it. Not even… Read more »

Professional Authordom And Pen Names Arrrrrg! AGAIN.

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Newbie writers hear it a thousand times: Just write the damn book. Don’t worry about what comes after. Here’s the thing. After arrives a lot quicker than you think. With a handful of stories and a finished novel, I know I have to put on my big girl pants and be professional. I’m an indie author,… Read more »

Cover Art

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This is the Moon. The pockmarked thing in the foreground, that is.  The white thing in the sky is Earth.  Specifically, the first picture of Earth from the moon.  Seemed appropriate for a collection entitled WORLD.  Even more appropriate about the new and often-perceived-as alien landscapes of the digital generation. If it looks familiar, and… Read more »

New Things and Monkey Wrenches: Gumroad

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With Netkups sheltering my digital files, the jealous paperbacks are looking for a second home for themselves, too. Not that their current home in the Amazon isn’t lovely!  Amazon is convenient, trusted, visible.  And in fact Stories About Things is still up on Amazon – both the ebook and the paperback. (did YOU get your free… Read more »