The Madness of Internet Legislation

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With the flood of #CISPA-related noisemaking quieting down, I’d like to remind you – yes YOU writers, readers, and netizen friends – why you should still care about what’s happening in Congress right now. Regardless of where this particular piece of legislation ends up, the atmosphere of an internet-phobic government poses a very real danger to all… Read more »

Writers: Is this where we are headed?

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“People in power are selling themselves to the highest bidder and completely disregarding public opinion of their own citizens for policies that are supposed to ‘protect the average citizen’ where in reality, all they do is instill levels of control and punish the average person for something that is not even a crime in their… Read more »

Dear Lady Justice, I Am Not a Xerox Machine – On PirateWho?!

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After a sleepy couple of months, I’ve reawakened PirateWho, the blog that endeavors to explain Pirate Ideology for the average person.   For now, I’ll be taking care of it while the founder is off doing important piraty things. Previously, I posted about misconception that pirates are a bunch of kids that want stuff for free and… Read more »

Copyright Debate at Litopia Writers’ Colony

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Update for anyone who wants to watch the fireworks over at Litopia. Update Update : Mike Masnick’s own account of the debate is up on Techdirt. LOZ: Let’s start by his attack on the British Library, which it was– RICHARD: –No it wasn’t, that is a complete and utter…that is… there you go again…… this is classic Pirate… Read more »

Free As In Freedom: Books are not Software (Part 2b)

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This is a continuation of my musing on a free-software-type ideology for fiction. Read Part I Read Part 2a There are two approaches to the books aren’t software argument: 1) software gets special privileges (in this case: freedoms) because of it’s special position in society (read: indispensable,) and 2) fiction gets special privileges (in this case: controls)… Read more »

Can’t talk. Reading other people’s emails.

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Hey, all. Just a quick update.  I know blogging’s been slipping through the cracks for me lately.  I’m still hard at work on Skyland.  Plus I accidentally started another book last night while pacing around my apartment–don’t ideas always come to you when you’re about bored enough to jump out a window?  Must be some… Read more »

We Will Grow Old: Pirates Aren’t Children ~On PirateWho

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Just wrote my second article for PirateWho – yay!  Sidenote: I’m excited that I finally have a place where I can go on about pirate ideology with others of like mind.  Rambling all by yourself gets a little lonely.  Plus, I hope I can be of use in bringing a little bit of the artist’s… Read more »

Falkvinge: Do we really have to prepare for the fourth box?

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Today’s post may seem like it doesn’t belong.  After all, this blog is normally about fiction, and what follows doesn’t have a damn thing to do with fiction.  But this blog also about Pirates. Many people think that Pirates are just about copyright. We’re not. We’re about civil rights. This morning I woke to the chilling image… Read more »