TONIGHT: Librarian-In-Chief Travis McCrea on AnonPlus Radio

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TONIGHT at 9PM EST: TUEBL’s very own librarian will be debating pro-copyright author Charles Sheehan Miles on AnonPlus Radio. For those who aren’t familiar with the rivalry, here’s the gist of it…………. Background Charles Sheehan Miles is the author of several novels and a handful of short stories. Earlier this year, on his blog Side Views,… Read more »

Dear Lady Justice: I Am Not A Xerox Machine (Full Version)

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Yesterday,  this article on reminded of a guest post I did on PirateWho about the value of creators – something the copyright debate tends to ignore. With PirateWho currently down, I’m republishing my guest post in full here: Dear Lady Justice, How are you? I ask because you seem a bit disoriented lately.  I wouldn’t… Read more »

Here, Have A Hug :-)

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Remember back in the day, like July, when the rage against TUEBL began? While TUEBL is just fine, last week, the angry mob took a civilian casualty: LendInk – a list of lendable books from the kindle store.  Mistaking it for a pirate site, the authors took their pitchforks and torches to LendInk’s hosting company, Amazon, and the poor… Read more »

THIS is IT? The Debate Wherein Author RS Mellette Goes All 50 Shades & Wants To Beat Me ;-)

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Note: Henceforth, all TUEBL updates shall be collected into The One Thread TO RULE THEM ALL!   Without even offering to buy dinner first!  Chivalry, gentlemen!  Where has it gone? *tsk tsk* In between working like crazy on my 52 short stories for the 52 Short Stories Challenge and pulling together my second collection of stories in This Brave… Read more »

Dear Lady Justice, I Am Not a Xerox Machine – On PirateWho?!

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After a sleepy couple of months, I’ve reawakened PirateWho, the blog that endeavors to explain Pirate Ideology for the average person.   For now, I’ll be taking care of it while the founder is off doing important piraty things. Previously, I posted about misconception that pirates are a bunch of kids that want stuff for free and… Read more »

We Will Grow Old: Pirates Aren’t Children ~On PirateWho

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Just wrote my second article for PirateWho – yay!  Sidenote: I’m excited that I finally have a place where I can go on about pirate ideology with others of like mind.  Rambling all by yourself gets a little lonely.  Plus, I hope I can be of use in bringing a little bit of the artist’s… Read more »

File-Sharing Recognized as Official Religion in Sweden

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Yup.  Official religion. Official. Religion. My first reaction when I read this article was to look at the calendar and make sure it wasn’t somehow April suddenly.  Of course, internet pranks aren’t limited to ye ol’ traditional April Fools.  And after following the link at the end of the article and putting in my email… Read more »

Falkvinge: Do we really have to prepare for the fourth box?

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Today’s post may seem like it doesn’t belong.  After all, this blog is normally about fiction, and what follows doesn’t have a damn thing to do with fiction.  But this blog also about Pirates. Many people think that Pirates are just about copyright. We’re not. We’re about civil rights. This morning I woke to the chilling image… Read more »

Avoid the Piss in the Pool–Get on the Pirate Ship

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Last week, writer Andrew Hickey posted his thoughts on unprofessionalism in indie writing in a post entitled “Pissing in the Pool or  Why Readers Hate Indie Writers.”   In sum, the refusal of their authors to aspire to higher quality–in the product, in their writing, in their conduct–gives all indie writers a bad name.  “If you… Read more »

Pirate Bay Case Too Complicated for Court: Swedish Prosecutor Needs to Go Back to School

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Apparently, denying one Pirate Bay Founder a fair trial wasn’t enough.  Now, the Swedish courts may very well deny them all a chance to defend themselves. This week Sweden’s Prosecutor General pushed for the Pirate Bay’s case not to go forward to a Supreme Court appeal because: 1) The defendants are clearly guilty and 2)  The case… Read more »