SQUEEE! New Skyland Book I Is Finally Launched!

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Hey world! Today after almost a year of work – on top of work on Skyland Book II, general blog transformations, and numerous other projects – today, I am FINALLY launching the new Extended Edition of Skyland I: Abominations.  Extended edition? Extended edition?  Who does an extended edition of a novel? I hear you. This took nearly a year to… Read more »

Bipolar Editing Disorder – Is This A Thing? It Should Be

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A_sunflower-Edited copy

*sigh* Editing.  Still editing. Not only is my latest NaNoWriMo novel going under the knife, but for some completely unfathomable reason, I decided to bring my years-old first-ever-finished novel into the operating room too.  Don’t ask.  I have no idea what I was thinking.  In between the editing, I am finding time for making new… Read more »

Post NaNo Project: Chapter 1 (Full!)

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One week, one chapter.  Not a great speed, but, hey, I’m working.  I’ll keep putting up little clips throughout the week–it helps me get things done.  But here’s the complete first chapter of my newest Post-NaNoWriMo project.  Can also be downloaded as .MOBI, .EPUB or PDF for those who love their e-readers.  Otherwise…. Chapter ONE It was a… Read more »

Crazy Pitches

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Ever tried explaining Lord of the Rings to someone?  A non-fantasy reader? Well, there’s this ring and it’s, magic.  And it’s also evil so people want to destroy it, but it’s, like, power-evil, not spell-evil.  Also, it’s basically indestructible so they have to go to this, um, fire in a mountain to destroy it.  Anyway,… Read more »

The Future For Writers

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This is a Sunflower.  A cheerful flower, indicative of placation, non-angst, or general cheeriness.

Novels are special, so the novelists say. Novels are special because they are the skyscrapers of the literary world: pages piled high with wide, sweeping horizons, long histories, complex machines of character and society.  A novels is big, no matter the page count.  The builder must find not only a way to survive the construction of this skyscraper, but… Read more »

Shit. What now?

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It’s done. I just finished the first draft of…. my NaNoWiMo novel.  Oh shut up, all you industrious WriMos that finished three and a half months ago!  I was, uh, taking my time.  Or something.  Anywhoo, point is I’m done.  It’s not all online yet, I’m still holding on to the second half to give… Read more »

NaNoWriMo: Where have your ten days gone?

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Hey again, WriMos! We’re now just over one third of the way through November.  Yes, really.  We are now one third done.  Done with the month, that is.  Not the novels.  Oh, hell no, not the novels.  I’m at not even close to a third finished. Day 10 should have brought us to 16,670 words…. Read more »

Responding to Reviews

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I know the company line.  It’s been drilled into me since my earliest days in the writing community.  There is only ONE correct response to any review or critique: Thank you. I know. As I work more and more seriously on my writing, I contemplate more and more the author’s place in the world of… Read more »