Book Covers And Professional Authordom Arrrg.

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Coming to China to teach was the most bizarre choice  I could have made.  It was incongruous.  Wrong.  And I could feel that.  Standing in front of a class–when I could barely drag myself to one in college–seemed .  Don’t get me wrong, I did well in college.  I got good grades and graduated magna… Read more »

Just for tonight: “Skyland” Chapter 8 In-Progress Writing

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UPDATE: OK, I lied about the “just for tonight” part.  Turns out I really need to hold myself accountable and get some work done, so I’ll be continuing to update here probably for a few days. Hey there, The last few days have been tough.  Really tough.  Blame it on exams, blame it on Christmas,… Read more »

Upcoming Storytelling Lessons From Farscape

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Something wonderful happened this holiday season. Something magical, unexpected, joyous. My friends decided to watch Farscape. It took two years of pestering and almost a week of downloading the 13GB first season, and to be honest I didn’t think it was going to happen. But, hey, Christmas is a time for miracles. Rewatching this show… Read more »

Promises, promises. Sorry.

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I have not been keeping up my resolve to hold myself accountable during NaNoWriMo–hitherto, only one update made it to Smashwords.  Apologies! My problem is that I have trouble writing linearly.   Normally, this is not a problem.  It’s just how I work–I am much more efficient focusing on things for short bursts, then coming… Read more »

Don’t Flatter Me – Flattr These Guys (#1)

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Welcome to my first Flattr report:  NaNoWriMo, Twitter, and being a jerk but in a nice way. I decided most recently to spread some love in the direction of NaNoWriMo. ‘Tis the season, after all.  Or at least it will be very soon.  November is coming and soon caffeine starved novelists will be crowding the… Read more »