Smashwords + NaNoWriMo is up!

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Good news: My NaNoWriMo crap won’t be clogging up this site anymore. The NaNoWriMo section of Smashwords is working just fine now. I guess I just jumped the gun, being out of the gate at a mad dash Midnight November 1st (well, I did wait till Pacific time…) and apparently the folks at Smashwords were ready for… Read more »

What the Hell, Be a Jerk! Flattr @NaNoWriMo

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Is this post’s title gibberish to you?  If you just got to the party and have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the first discussion on Flattr. The good people at NaNoWriMo have many ways to donate.  When I suggested Flattr, I was gently guided to these options. And that’s great–really, it is.  Particularly… Read more »