Why the Pitchforks and Torches?

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Last week we answered the question once and for all, Is TUEBL legal? with a decisive YES! But on Friday, we heard from a pro-copyright author who still thinks we’re all dirty rotton thieves. The fact remains that, despite efforts to serve both the writer and reader communities, our little library attracts the occasional hysterical mob…. Read more »

Is TUEBL legal?

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Is TUEBL legal? It’s a common question about our friendly neighborhood ebook library. And fair enough. If something is awesome enough, there’s probably a law against it. So let’s answer it once and for all with a resounding YES. Under the current admins, TUEBL has always had a DMCA takedown process, which means it falls solidly… Read more »

Hey TUEBLovers, Welcome to Cheapass Fiction!

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Hi there! I’m Aelius. I write. I’m also an avid TUEBL fan. You know that Facebook page everyone checks for the latest library news/panic/oh-my-god-where-is-TUEBL moments? I made that. After false DMCA takedowns (sent to Facebook…….. where exactly zero books are kept o_O ) forced the official page offline, I wanted to make sure that readers and… Read more »

Here, Have A Hug :-)

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Remember back in the day, like July, when the rage against TUEBL began? While TUEBL is just fine, last week, the angry mob took a civilian casualty: LendInk – a list of lendable books from the kindle store.  Mistaking it for a pirate site, the authors took their pitchforks and torches to LendInk’s hosting company, Amazon, and the poor… Read more »

TUEBL: The Ultimate E-Book Library To Get More Ultimate!

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Note: Henceforth, all TUEBL updates shall be collected into The One Thread TO RULE THEM ALL! Maybe it’s the holidays, maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s the mid-season break in all the good TV shows, but people are looking for books to curl up with this winter.  And they’re looking for TUEBL, the Ultimate E-Book… Read more »

TUEBL.com The Ultimate E-Book Library

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TUEBL, or The Ultimate E-Book Library, is the place for books.  DRM-free books.  Users can download books that they want to be able to read freely on their choice of devices.  And true to the symbiotic nature of user-driven sites, they can also upload their own DRM-free files for others to use. So far, it… Read more »

The Ultimate Ebook Library

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The internet needs a library. The internet needs shelves to wander by and rows of spines to run your fingers over.  It needs a floor to sit on for hours between the shelves with one book, or a pile.  It needs a stern-looking librarian to keep things quiet. The internet needs a library because libraries… Read more »