Pirates for Parliament! (Again!)

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Now that I’m FAIRLY certain this is not a joke…………………………… This week, the new generation of creators and fans alike got some amazing news: another hero has volunteered to carry our voice into the halls of government. The grey-haired old guard in suits cannot ignore the internet generation much longer: Peter Sunde, founder of the… Read more »

The Future For Writers

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This is a Sunflower.  A cheerful flower, indicative of placation, non-angst, or general cheeriness.

Novels are special, so the novelists say. Novels are special because they are the skyscrapers of the literary world: pages piled high with wide, sweeping horizons, long histories, complex machines of character and society.  A novels is big, no matter the page count.  The builder must find not only a way to survive the construction of this skyscraper, but… Read more »

What Flattr Is For

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Three months?  Three months?  checking… checking…  Yup.  Three months since my last Flattr-related post.  Time for an update! Last fall, I talked about the Flattr community and philosophy. But the practical application is really what the creative communities are watching for.  What is concrete realization of the philosophy?  What are the tangible benefits? I wondered too.  And… Read more »

TUEBL News: New TUEBL Makes It Easier To Support Authors

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Note: Henceforth, all TUEBL updates shall be collected into The One Thread TO RULE THEM ALL!   OK, TUEBL has been functional for enough days that I feel confidant announcing that it’s officially back on solid ground–hurray!  The “upload” section if still offline, but the thousands of books from Old TUEBL made it over to New… Read more »

Flattr Problem #3 that’s not really a problem

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WTF is this?  See: Problem #1: “begging” for money Problem #2: no guarantees The third hurdle for Flattr to clear deals specifically with their visibility–or lack thereof. Not many writers have Flattr buttons because most writers have never heard of Flattr.  The way around this should be simple: tell them!  Spread the word and welcome… Read more »

Flattr: Problem #2 that’s not really a problem

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(WTF is this?  See Problem #1) The second hurdle Flattr faces is that it can’t guarantee that the artists in its community make much money, or really any money at all. True enough.  But I see two problems with the logic of this criticism. Firstly, it has never been true of any system ever that… Read more »

Welcome to the Flattrverse, TUEBL!

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 The Ultimate E-Book Library, or TUEBL, is now Flattrable! This is exciting news for those of us who want to support our local internet library.  Until recently, there were the usual options available for those who wanted to chuck a few dollars their way.  However, recently  TUEBL has faced the financial blockade that’s becoming an… Read more »