Farscape Storytelling Lessons

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***SPOLER ALERT***    No, not for Farscape.   In case anyone still cares (why?), I’m spoiling Lost season 6. (WTF is this?  Remember, like, last year when I talked about learning writing from Farscape?  Yeah, this is that.) Farscape. Farscape had something.  Somewhere between the wild sci-fi element–the blue skin and the tentacles and the wormholes and the microbes in… Read more »

Upcoming Storytelling Lessons From Farscape

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Something wonderful happened this holiday season. Something magical, unexpected, joyous. My friends decided to watch Farscape. It took two years of pestering and almost a week of downloading the 13GB first season, and to be honest I didn’t think it was going to happen. But, hey, Christmas is a time for miracles. Rewatching this show… Read more »