Avoid the Piss in the Pool–Get on the Pirate Ship

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Last week, writer Andrew Hickey posted his thoughts on unprofessionalism in indie writing in a post entitled “Pissing in the Pool or  Why Readers Hate Indie Writers.”   In sum, the refusal of their authors to aspire to higher quality–in the product, in their writing, in their conduct–gives all indie writers a bad name.  “If you… Read more »

Welcome to the Flattrverse, TUEBL!

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 The Ultimate E-Book Library, or TUEBL, is now Flattrable! This is exciting news for those of us who want to support our local internet library.  Until recently, there were the usual options available for those who wanted to chuck a few dollars their way.  However, recently  TUEBL has faced the financial blockade that’s becoming an… Read more »

Is the Music Industry smarter than the Publishing Industry?

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“Digital Restrictions Management should preferably be outlawed, as it is a type of fraud nullifying consumer and citizen rights, but at least, it must always be legal to circumvent.” Pirate Party’s position on DRM, now adopted by the Green group of the European Union So we’re clear now: Libraries are important; the internet is important,… Read more »

TUEBL is NOT Dead!

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Note: Henceforth, all TUEBL updates shall be collected into The One Thread TO RULE THEM ALL! UPDATE UPDATE: Newest info on TUEBL – Ultimate E-Book Library to Get More Ultimate! UPDATE:  It’s Back!   Calm down.  The Ultimate E-Book Library is not dead.  Really.  Take a deep breath.  It’s okay. Why the placation? This morning, under… Read more »

The Library: It’s Death and Resuscitation

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“Free to ALL” Libraries–remember them? Remember those places where we could sit and read for hours, unbothered, in the summer just for the air conditioning or after school because going home was just boring?  Remember? I want to write about libraries.  I set out to write on one in particular.  But, truth be told, all… Read more »

Current Readings – Romi Moondi

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Last week I discovered the indie writer, Romi Moondi and this week since I finished Veins I’m reading 2 of her books:  Not Love Poems for Real Life  and  The Book of Awful Not too far into these, but I’m liking them already. . . Ongoing Reading I’m still massively obsessed with We are become pals by… Read more »