TUEBL Addressess Copyright Concerns From Authors

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TUEBL has recently come under fire from a small number authors and publishers who did not know about our service and thought we were up to something no good. Instead of replying to each problem individually on Twitter, we thought we would answer some of the most common questions here and provide our own statement…. Read more »

Copyright Trolls Forget What Stealing Means

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  Hey TUEBLovers 😀 Wrote this for you! New article on Medium:   Your Words Are Bad and You Should Feel Bad Director Simon Klose has won his copyright battle. For now. In case you haven’t been paying attention to this year’s drama in the pirate world, here’s the 5 minute summary: Simon Klose is… Read more »

Frustration – and VICTORY – at WIPO

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Today is a good day. The treaty will be a reality and should be signed by Friday. — World Blind Union (@BlindUnion) June 25, 2013 Only one week into the World Intellectual Property Organization’s conference in Morocco, and the diplomats have done their job! Well, some of the diplomats anyway. Over the course of the… Read more »

Call to arms TUEBLovers! Diplomatic Conference on Allowing Books to be Accessible to the Blind starts TODAY

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This is a call to arms, TUEBLovers! The next ten days are crucial in the battle for access to creative and cultural material. Today in Morocco, representatives from over a hundred countries are meeting to discuss a treaty to improve blind and visually impaired individuals’ access to books. Fantastic, right? Can you imagine, fellow bookworms, if your vast library… Read more »

TONIGHT: Librarian-In-Chief Travis McCrea on AnonPlus Radio

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TONIGHT at 9PM EST: TUEBL’s very own librarian will be debating pro-copyright author Charles Sheehan Miles on AnonPlus Radio. For those who aren’t familiar with the rivalry, here’s the gist of it…………. Background Charles Sheehan Miles is the author of several novels and a handful of short stories. Earlier this year, on his blog Side Views,… Read more »

Copyright Trolls Going Too Far

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Living in the (nominally, relatively) free world,  I normally take for granted that my words alone won’t subject me to legal action. Yes, harassment, threats, or slander have consequences. But as an American, I sleep comfortably believing that I’m within my First Amendement rights to speak my mind. I can even stand in front of the White House or… Read more »

Dear Lady Justice: I Am Not A Xerox Machine (Full Version)

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Yesterday,  this article on Falkvinge.net reminded of a guest post I did on PirateWho about the value of creators – something the copyright debate tends to ignore. With PirateWho currently down, I’m republishing my guest post in full here: Dear Lady Justice, How are you? I ask because you seem a bit disoriented lately.  I wouldn’t… Read more »

Bittersweet Facts

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Let’s get one thing clear: the following should surprise absolutely no one. Over the weekend, news broke of yet another piracy-related study, this one having to do with the dearly departed Megaupload. In this paper, The Munich School of Management and Copenhagen Business School show that the shutdown of Megaupload negatively impacted the box office sales of many movies. Yeah,… Read more »

New Reference Page: Piracy/Copyright Links

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I’m collecting all things Pirate and Copyright into a new reference page. This page will include research, court decisions, and anecdotes not only from the publishing industry, but from the film and music industries as well. We can always learn a thing or two from our predecessors. Why repeat their mistakes? I’m doing this for two… Read more »

Copyright Debate at Litopia Writers’ Colony

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Update for anyone who wants to watch the fireworks over at Litopia. Update Update : Mike Masnick’s own account of the debate is up on Techdirt. LOZ: Let’s start by his attack on the British Library, which it was– RICHARD: –No it wasn’t, that is a complete and utter…that is… there you go again…… this is classic Pirate… Read more »