Is the Music Industry smarter than the Publishing Industry?

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“Digital Restrictions Management should preferably be outlawed, as it is a type of fraud nullifying consumer and citizen rights, but at least, it must always be legal to circumvent.” Pirate Party’s position on DRM, now adopted by the Green group of the European Union So we’re clear now: Libraries are important; the internet is important,… Read more »

The Library: It’s Death and Resuscitation

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“Free to ALL” Libraries–remember them? Remember those places where we could sit and read for hours, unbothered, in the summer just for the air conditioning or after school because going home was just boring?  Remember? I want to write about libraries.  I set out to write on one in particular.  But, truth be told, all… Read more »

Kip Manley Interview

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People have been publishing fiction electronically almost ever since the first two computers were hooked together; look at “webfiction” that way, and it’s suddenly ancient and vast and weird and impossible ever to grasp, much less comprehend. Kip Manley If you’re late to the party, here’s Kip’s intro from yesterday.  Kip Manley is the author… Read more »

City of Roses by Kip Manley

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“Rescued? From what?” “A dreadfully dull evening,” says Ysabel… City of Roses by Kip Manley There are parallel universes and one of them is not The Internet.  We are lucky today to have a web fiction author who lives partially in one of these universes outside of the web (!!)  It’s Kip Manley, author of… Read more »

An overconcentration of wealth: Weblit as Gifting Culture-M.E. Traylor

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With the rise of the publishing industry, what we have is an over-concentration of wealth. Our stories are our wealth. Our stories are our human heritage. They teach us about who we are. They have been the vehicles of our generational knowledge, our foundation for how we understand and relate to the world. Just because… Read more »

Guts and Sass: M.E. Traylor

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Have you met Met? That is M.E. Traylor, author of Guts and Sass.  As both an established and well-written serial, Guts and Sass is a staple of the web fiction library.  It’s also is a great intro to longer web fics.  With manageably-sized chapters, it’s easy to read, and to keep reading and keep reading–and… Read more »

Lockpick Pornography, Bible Camp Bloodbath, and Pals – Joey Comeau Again

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“I feel the way bank robbers must feel just before they go out on that last big job that ends up getting them all killed. That is to say, optimistic.” Lockpick Pornography  Joey Comeau As I said yesterday, I went on an epic hunt for Joey Comeau, but it appears he must be deep in… Read more »

Lockpick Pornography, Bible Camp Bloodbath, and Pals – Joey Comeau

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“These are my options if I want to become a serial killer? I’m killing people because I’m either a gold digger or a woman scorned? What, I can’t kill people because it’s fun?” “Yeah,” Helen said. “Why can’t I kill people because it’s exciting and new? This is bullshit.” From We Are Become Pals, Chapter… Read more »

“Never Rewrite”

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I’m Posting This Sh1t Online, Now Whaddaya Gonna Do? Part III “Never Rewrite” or Webfiction and The Rules “You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order.” Robert A Heinlein: providing petrol for flame wars since 1947 Heinlein had four simple rules for writing: 1. You must write. 2. You must finish what you start…. Read more »