The Hunger Games: Week 1 Check In

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24 hours. That’s how much time it took me to finish Hunger Games. I was embarrassed about this.  After all Hunger Games gets a lot of shit from the writing community. (Some examples) I’ve seen a few writers lament that their writing gets rejected while “badly written” books like The Hunger Games and Twilight get massively popular.  But it was this ”bad writing,”… Read more »

TUEBL Book Club Month 2: The Hunger Games!

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Sorry, sorry, I know I’m a week and a half late! Better late than never, right? I am still working on Cory Doctorow’s Makers–the TUEBL book of the month for March (whoops.)  But that doesn’t mean I won’t also get started on April’s book of the month, which is, fittingly, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. Now… Read more »

A Cheap Ass Book Club

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Yes, I know I already have a “Current Reading” sticky up.  Thing is, my full current reading list is pretty damn long. So I wanted to make a post for the books I’m particularly excited about.  And because reading alone is fun but sitting and having no one to talk to about reading is sad… Read more »

Current Readings – Romi Moondi

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Last week I discovered the indie writer, Romi Moondi and this week since I finished Veins I’m reading 2 of her books:  Not Love Poems for Real Life  and  The Book of Awful Not too far into these, but I’m liking them already. . . Ongoing Reading I’m still massively obsessed with We are become pals by… Read more »