THIS is IT? The Debate Wherein Author RS Mellette Goes All 50 Shades & Wants To Beat Me ;-)

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Note: Henceforth, all TUEBL updates shall be collected into The One Thread TO RULE THEM ALL!   Without even offering to buy dinner first!  Chivalry, gentlemen!  Where has it gone? *tsk tsk* In between working like crazy on my 52 short stories for the 52 Short Stories Challenge and pulling together my second collection of stories in This Brave… Read more »

Avoid the Piss in the Pool–Get on the Pirate Ship

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Last week, writer Andrew Hickey posted his thoughts on unprofessionalism in indie writing in a post entitled “Pissing in the Pool or  Why Readers Hate Indie Writers.”   In sum, the refusal of their authors to aspire to higher quality–in the product, in their writing, in their conduct–gives all indie writers a bad name.  ”If you… Read more »

Writing to Authors for Dummies

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UPDATE: Two of five letters sent received responses.  I am continuing to try to communicate with these authors and will be putting each author’s emails up in their own posts.  Here are the correspondances so far with . . . Sue Jenkins (Dreamweaver for Dummies)  someone (?) in contact with Barbara Obermeier (Photoshop for Dummies)… Read more »

Flattr: Problem #2 that’s not really a problem

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(WTF is this?  See Problem #1) The second hurdle Flattr faces is that it can’t guarantee that the artists in its community make much money, or really any money at all. True enough.  But I see two problems with the logic of this criticism. Firstly, it has never been true of any system ever that… Read more »

A Cheap Ass Book Club

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Yes, I know I already have a “Current Reading” sticky up.  Thing is, my full current reading list is pretty damn long. So I wanted to make a post for the books I’m particularly excited about.  And because reading alone is fun but sitting and having no one to talk to about reading is sad… Read more »

Author Interviews: What would you ask?

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Hey guys, I’m on an author hunt.  Interviewing webfiction authors for the webfic festival was fun.  Reading the different answers was thought-provoking.  And after all, one part of a community is communication, spreading the word, and spreading the advice and the experience of the elders.  So I’m on a mission.  I’m on a mission to… Read more »

Kip Manley Interview

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People have been publishing fiction electronically almost ever since the first two computers were hooked together; look at “webfiction” that way, and it’s suddenly ancient and vast and weird and impossible ever to grasp, much less comprehend. Kip Manley If you’re late to the party, here’s Kip’s intro from yesterday.  Kip Manley is the author… Read more »

City of Roses by Kip Manley

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“Rescued? From what?” “A dreadfully dull evening,” says Ysabel… City of Roses by Kip Manley There are parallel universes and one of them is not The Internet.  We are lucky today to have a web fiction author who lives partially in one of these universes outside of the web (!!)  It’s Kip Manley, author of… Read more »