Writing to Amazon, Re: Free Books

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This week, in the quest to get my books free on Amazon, I wrote to them asking if they could speed up the process. For anyone curious about the behind-the-scenes process, here are the letters. This will be updated as (/if) I get more responses. (Also, if you still want to help me by telling Amazon… Read more »

I Need Your Help: Get Amazon to Free Skyland!

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As many of you already know, earlier this year my book Skyland Book I: Abominations came to rest quietly on the digital shelves. Now, it needs your help. I need your help. After some… uh… disagreements over distribution in the Smashwords catalogue – which distributes to all the major online ebook retailers – Skyland was published separately to Amazon, which accepts public domain… Read more »

FREE “Tree Books” For September

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Stories About Things is back on Amazon at the token price of $1.  And this time, it’s there to stay – and it’s going to make some noise. Stories has got some nice reviews floating around the interwebs.  But readers expect reviews in one place: Amazon. So in light of that……… Readers who review Stories About Things on… Read more »

The Ultimate Ebook Library

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The internet needs a library. The internet needs shelves to wander by and rows of spines to run your fingers over.  It needs a floor to sit on for hours between the shelves with one book, or a pile.  It needs a stern-looking librarian to keep things quiet. The internet needs a library because libraries… Read more »