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Genre: Crime/Thriller
Tentative Rating: I want to like it. I do like it. I think I do.

**NOTE: This is a midway review. I’m not done with the book yet, just thought I’d give everyone an update since the reviews section is a little bare.**

This book makes me uncomfortable. And I like that. I mean, face it, if a novel about a sadistic serial killer/rapist isn’t uncomfortable, either it’s really bad or somebody needs to see a shrink.

The visceral brutality of this killer is packaged into methodical, almost aloof descriptions. It mirrors the cold, dispassionate attitude of the antagonist. Not to sound creepy, but that’s what drew me in. That, and the pacing. The POV switches from the killer to the agent to other random characters and it keeps me wondering how they are all going to come together, and it keeps me reading because I want to get back to find out what happens to the character the last chapter left off with. It avoids the typical info dumps where you hear every last detail of a character’s dysfunctional childhood, failed relationships, hopes, dreams and deep, dark secrets before page ten.

Despite avoiding info dumps, it does have a lot of info. At over 400 pages, I think it typifies a common problem: the run on. Not the sentence. The novel. Don’t get me wrong, most of it’s good stuff. There’s just a lot of it. I enjoy it. I really do. But I’m about halfway through and when I look at the page count I feel a little intimidated.

The other stumbling block that I’ve just come across (after almost 200 pages) is the technical detail. The villain isn’t just your average killer on the street. He’s high tech. He uses computers in ways that I really can’t describe because to be honest I don’t get it. The dense details of his crimes are are a little hard to get through.

Note: this isn’t necessarily a problem with the book, but rather a problem with my brain power, or lack thereof.

Still, I’m sticking with it. I don’t usually read crime novels, but I like this one. It’s exciting. Maybe a little over the top with the “crime” part. But I like that.

So check it out and get back to me on what you think. And I’ll write a full review when I get to the end.

btw, as I already mentioned, there’s violence in this book. There’s also sex. Not on every page, but if that type of thing bothers you, here’s your warning. Don’t come back and yell at me. Please.


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