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Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: I liked it quite a lot.

God stuff scares me off.
Really. Usually, I won’t even pick up a book that has a remotely spiritual aura to it.

But then, I am a fan of TV’s Supernatural and the Narnia books, and pretty much any pre-2005 vampire story. So I know that religious inclusions don’t necessarily get in the way of a good story.

Still, I’m biased.

So it’s a good thing I didn’t read the blurb for Assumptions. Not unusual for me. Book blurbs are like assembly manuals-reading them ruins the surprise inherent in not knowing what the hell you’re doing. I figure, either an author grabs me with the pages of the book, or they don’t, and I walk away.

At it’s heart Assumptions is an adventure, and Emerson and Quig, it’s protagonists are a lot like teenage Indiana Joneses, minus a couple of Nazis and Communists. There’s no offensive preaching or awkward, “Hey, kids, lets learn about morality!” moments. It’s just a good old archaeological treasure hunt.

It follows two outcast teens searching for the Book of Raziel, a grimoire of heaven’s secrets. But a book that powerful has other looking for it too, including a crazy ex-professor and a mysterious messenger. On top of that, Emerson and Quig have to navigate a prep school full of pretentious douche bags. It’s hard to say which challenge is the more daunting.

In fact the initial confusions allows for the “oh-I-get-it” moments later. Worth it.

There’s promise of a series, if Book 1 is your cup of tea. And if it isn’t, at a mere 200 pages, Assumptions isn’t a huge time commitment.

All in all, a good way to spend a couple of days.


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