Pen Names and Professional Authordom Arrg.

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This is a Sunflower.  A cheerful flower, indicative of placation, non-angst, or general cheeriness.

I don’t care about anonymity. Obviously. My avatar is my face, my real name is on my blog, and my pen name… well, I don’t think the two letters I switched up in my sticks-out-like-a-sore-thumb first name are really fooling anyone anyway.  If I really wanted to fly under the radar I would have picked… Read more »

The Second Obligatory Writer’s Block Post

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This week, I talked about my writing problems.  Or, well, problem–as if there were only one of them.  There isn’t.  There are several. The I-have-too-many-things-to-do-so-I-end-up-doing-nothing is definitely the biggest – prioritizing projects is a challenge because I want to work on them all. But there are other challenges as well. One in particular:  I don’t like… Read more »

The Obligatory Writer’s Block Post

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I’ve been having a problem.  A writing problem.  I don’t know what to call it.  The closest description might be writer’s block. But it’s not. See, I don’t get writer’s block. That’s not bragging.  It’s just true.  When I started writing seriously–and telling people that I was writing seriously–I immediately found myself confronted by that… Read more »

Just for tonight: “Skyland” Chapter 8 In-Progress Writing

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UPDATE: OK, I lied about the “just for tonight” part.  Turns out I really need to hold myself accountable and get some work done, so I’ll be continuing to update here probably for a few days. Hey there, The last few days have been tough.  Really tough.  Blame it on exams, blame it on Christmas,… Read more »

Falkvinge: Do we really have to prepare for the fourth box?

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Today’s post may seem like it doesn’t belong.  After all, this blog is normally about fiction, and what follows doesn’t have a damn thing to do with fiction.  But this blog also about Pirates. Many people think that Pirates are just about copyright. We’re not. We’re about civil rights. This morning I woke to the chilling image… Read more »

Red Writing Hood Prompt: The Doorbell Rang

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This is a Red Writing Hood Prompt For the holiday season… Begin with “The doorbell rang…”  End with “… the snow began to fall.” In 300 words. (Fair warning: I kind of cheated on the end part.) If you’ve been following  Skyland (now on Pandamian, rather than Smashwords–long story,)  you’ll recognize the characters in this bit…. Read more »