Rarasaur Reblog: “Are We Really Supposed to Believe?”

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I’m an avid fantasy reader. My school years were spent trying to explain magic rings and talking swords to my smirking friends and less-than-appreciative English teachers. My reading choices may not have given me a good grasp of classic literature, history, or social commentary (though Ursula K LeGuin may beg to differ…) but they did… Read more »

Pirates for Parliament! (Again!)

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Now that I’m FAIRLY certain this is not a joke…………………………… This week, the new generation of creators and fans alike got some amazing news: another hero has volunteered to carry our voice into the halls of government. The grey-haired old guard in suits cannot ignore the internet generation much longer: Peter Sunde, founder of the… Read more »

Uncle Sam Wants YOU To Care…….. About APATHY!

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This is a last minute plug for one of my fellow Public Domain creator’s project in the Looking@Democracy challenge that ends in THREE DAYS! Looking@Democracy is a contest for creative commentaries on American democracy. My friend Zacqary Adam Green entered the contest to illustrate the frustrating “user interface” of democracy…………. with an actual frustrating user interface in his game Apathy. … Read more »

Hey TUEBLovers, Welcome to Cheapass Fiction!

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Hi there! I’m Aelius. I write. I’m also an avid TUEBL fan. You know that Facebook page everyone checks for the latest library news/panic/oh-my-god-where-is-TUEBL moments? I made that. After false DMCA takedowns (sent to Facebook…….. where exactly zero books are kept o_O ) forced the official page offline, I wanted to make sure that readers and… Read more »

Is TUEBL Down?

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No. TUEBL is just fine. But six-strikes rumors have sent a chill through the ebookworm community. For those who missed it, the United States’ six-strikes schemes, like it’s foreign cousins the three–strikes, is a plan hatched between the copyright industries (read: Hollywood, Record Labels, and other non-artist middlemen) to stop people downloading and sharing art for free…. Read more »


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There’s a new player in the ebook world. Welcome Ownshelf! Ownshelf is a new platform that helps Facebook users connect with their friends for a more social reading experience. It also gives readers a convenient place to share their books across devices. Like Facebook itself, it’s exclusive – the “Bookshelves” you see are specific to your social circle…. Read more »

New Things and Monkey Wrenches: Gumroad

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With Netkups sheltering my digital files, the jealous paperbacks are looking for a second home for themselves, too. Not that their current home in the Amazon isn’t lovely!  Amazon is convenient, trusted, visible.  And in fact Stories About Things is still up on Amazon – both the ebook and the paperback. (did YOU get your free… Read more »