Copy-me: A Webseries About Copying!

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“Copying, “piracy”, and open culture is about “a lot more than just copyright infringement and other mischief. They also concern freedom, equality, human rights and human nature.” So says Alex, the filmmaker of a new webseries about copying: We’re all familiar with Nina Paley’s cute “Copying is not theft” video that explains copying in song and cartoon. It’s a… Read more »

Take Ownership of Your Ebooks – Help Ownshelf!

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Guys, Ownshelf needs your help! Ownshelf – the site that lets you share your ebooks across devices and with your friends on Facebook? I’ve written about them here before. Not only are they supportive of readers reading their own damn books freely, they’re incredibly supportive of writers (like yours truly! :-)) who make their books available for… Read more »

Hey TUEBL-ers, I am sorry!

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Hey again TUEBL-ers! Aelius here again. Remember me, you know, the one who lives here? Breaking news: I’m still here!  I really hate any kind of “sorry I haven’t been around” posts. But, TUEBL-ers, I owe you one. So here it is: I am sorry. Writers are supposed to be impervious. We’re supposed to be tireless, disciplined… Read more »

PayPal Blockades Kopimist Church

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Shocker of the year, people: PayPal has blocked the Kopimist Church of Idaho! Ok. It’s not the jaw-dropping scoop of the century. With their (admitted) politically-motivated blocking of WikiLeaks, PayPal made it crystal clear a long time ago that they are not exactly an equal-opportunity service provider. We can’t be surprised when they make life difficult. But… Read more »

Get Ready for November: Best Month of the Year!

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It is October 16th! What does that mean? It is OFFICIALLY halfway through October (Ok, technically, that’s like noon today, and I’m a bit early. Whatever. I’m excited.) And what does that mean? It is OFFICIALLY (totally) NaNoWriMo Countdown season.   If you don’t know about NaNoWriMo (and WHY the f–ok never mind, I’ll give you… Read more »

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 5

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Recommend a tear jerker   This is one of the most difficult challenges yet. I really don’t cry over books. Or movies. Or TV. Or news. I guess that as with the book-throwing challenge, though, we could assume that tear jerker may be not literal in this challenge, and just assume it means a sad book. But… Read more »

Updating The Forum

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Just a heads up to anyone who is trying to access the forum, we are doing some updates and adding some much demanded plugins to help with spam and such. Basically, if you are upset you can’t view the forums, you should blame Mistress Omega because she forced me to pay attention to her… Read more »

SMILE – We have a winner!

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Thank you all for the ton of smiles you submitted for Smile Month! And as promised we randomly selected a winner. Behold, Adeel and A Short History of Nearly Everything: A GREAT reading choice, by the way. I love Bill Bryson. Or….. his books, at least. (Though I’m sure the guy himself is quite the charmer too! ) The… Read more »

Rarasaur Reblog: “Are We Really Supposed to Believe?”

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I’m an avid fantasy reader. My school years were spent trying to explain magic rings and talking swords to my smirking friends and less-than-appreciative English teachers. My reading choices may not have given me a good grasp of classic literature, history, or social commentary (though Ursula K LeGuin may beg to differ…) but they did… Read more »

Pirates for Parliament! (Again!)

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Now that I’m FAIRLY certain this is not a joke…………………………… This week, the new generation of creators and fans alike got some amazing news: another hero has volunteered to carry our voice into the halls of government. The grey-haired old guard in suits cannot ignore the internet generation much longer: Peter Sunde, founder of the… Read more »