Frustration – and VICTORY – at WIPO

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Today is a good day. The treaty will be a reality and should be signed by Friday. — World Blind Union (@BlindUnion) June 25, 2013 Only one week into the World Intellectual Property Organization’s conference in Morocco, and the diplomats have done their job! Well, some of the diplomats anyway. Over the course of the… Read more »

Hello Again, World! (aka “I Need Your Help!”)

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HELLO (AGAIN) BLOGOSPHERE! *Hugs* to both my new TUEBLovers and my old Cheapass readers! This blog has been quiet! Before the TUEBL transformation and the CISPA call-to-arms, it was almost a MONTH since the last post o_O I was off wandering the 3D world a while. But don’t worry! This prodigal netizen has come back to… Read more »

Aaaaand 2 Weeks Later, A Review:TPB_AFK the Pirate Bay Documentary

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On February 8th, the four-years-in-the-works documentary on The Pirate Bay was released. TPB AFK is a critical work. More than just a fun story of a popular website, it is a powerful narrative central to the struggles of this – of my – generation. After closely following the story IRL for years and waiting anxiously for the… Read more »

Review: Above Ground by A.M. Harte

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Above Ground by A.M. Harte Genre: Fantasy (Of the vampire, werewolf & etc. variety) In short, I really enjoyed this book. Ever wonder what it’d be like to grow up without seeing the sky?  That’s the reality for humans in the post-apocalyptic underground world of Above Ground. (And, yes, I DID feel claustrophobic just reading about it…) Above… Read more »

Review: Stupid Clowns

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REVIEW How do Deal With Stupid Clowns Who Don’t Know What The Hell They’re Talking About! by John Garrett Rating: OMFG hilarious! This review is cross posted at Amazon where you can get Stupid Clowns on Kindle. “Have you ever tried to draw a sabre-toothed tiger from life? It’s dangerous! Not only do they try to eat you, but… Read more »

“Horses love Pepsi, why don’t you?” Veins Review

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Mostly I review free stuff. However, since the name of this blog is Cheap Ass Fiction, rather than Free Ass Fiction, I decided to dip my toes into the into the realm of book buying. Veins is only 4.99, so it’s not too bad. I thought it was worth the price.  Read on. . . Veins by… Read more »

Guts and Sass: M.E. Traylor

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Have you met Met? That is M.E. Traylor, author of Guts and Sass.  As both an established and well-written serial, Guts and Sass is a staple of the web fiction library.  It’s also is a great intro to longer web fics.  With manageably-sized chapters, it’s easy to read, and to keep reading and keep reading–and… Read more »

Current Readings – Romi Moondi

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Last week I discovered the indie writer, Romi Moondi and this week since I finished Veins I’m reading 2 of her books:  Not Love Poems for Real Life  and  The Book of Awful Not too far into these, but I’m liking them already. . . Ongoing Reading I’m still massively obsessed with We are become pals by… Read more »