Cover Art

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This is the Moon. The pockmarked thing in the foreground, that is.  The white thing in the sky is Earth.  Specifically, the first picture of Earth from the moon.  Seemed appropriate for a collection entitled WORLD.  Even more appropriate about the new and often-perceived-as alien landscapes of the digital generation. If it looks familiar, and… Read more »

THIS is IT? The Debate Wherein Author RS Mellette Goes All 50 Shades & Wants To Beat Me ;-)

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Note: Henceforth, all TUEBL updates shall be collected into The One Thread TO RULE THEM ALL!   Without even offering to buy dinner first!  Chivalry, gentlemen!  Where has it gone? *tsk tsk* In between working like crazy on my 52 short stories for the 52 Short Stories Challenge and pulling together my second collection of stories in This Brave… Read more »

Writing to Authors for Dummies: First “For Dummies” Pirate Case Resolved (?)

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Anyone remember last year when John Wiley & Sons, publishers of the For Dummies books, pursued a bunch of BitTorrenting John Does?   One of these cases has now come to an unfortunate conclusion, with the defendant being ordered to pay $7000 for downloading WordPress for Dummies.  Once. Knowing that these cases often have nothing whatsoever… Read more »

What Flattr Is For

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Three months?  Three months?  checking… checking…  Yup.  Three months since my last Flattr-related post.  Time for an update! Last fall, I talked about the Flattr community and philosophy. But the practical application is really what the creative communities are watching for.  What is concrete realization of the philosophy?  What are the tangible benefits? I wondered too.  And… Read more »

Pricing and Professional Authordom Arrrg.

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My last post on professional authordom, prompted a bit of a discussion about pricing–another one of those things I’ve been deliberating as I prepare for the professional author makeover.  The discussion weighed the merits of pricing e-books rather than leaving them free.  As an advocate of free shit, I lean heavily in favor of finding a… Read more »

Book Covers And Professional Authordom Arrrg.

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Coming to China to teach was the most bizarre choice  I could have made.  It was incongruous.  Wrong.  And I could feel that.  Standing in front of a class–when I could barely drag myself to one in college–seemed .  Don’t get me wrong, I did well in college.  I got good grades and graduated magna… Read more »

Red Writing Hood Prompt: The Doorbell Rang

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This is a Red Writing Hood Prompt For the holiday season… Begin with “The doorbell rang…”  End with “… the snow began to fall.” In 300 words. (Fair warning: I kind of cheated on the end part.) If you’ve been following  Skyland (now on Pandamian, rather than Smashwords–long story,)  you’ll recognize the characters in this bit…. Read more »

Upcoming Storytelling Lessons From Farscape

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Something wonderful happened this holiday season. Something magical, unexpected, joyous. My friends decided to watch Farscape. It took two years of pestering and almost a week of downloading the 13GB first season, and to be honest I didn’t think it was going to happen. But, hey, Christmas is a time for miracles. Rewatching this show… Read more »