Reading List!

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I FINALLY have the chance to catch up on reading this weekend! Come hang out on Twitter & read with me (because who says reading has to be a lonely activity?!) or stick around here for the reviews afterward.  So what are you reading? What books are on your wish list? Reading Now: Post Human by David Simpson Sorry, David Simpson…….. Read more »

REVIEW: Keep Rootin’ for Putin by Barrett Brown

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Reviewing: Keep Rootin’ for Putin, get a copy from the Free Barrett Brown people HERE. Today, Barrett Brown is in court for – hopefully – the last time. As we wait for news from his sentencing, I urge everyone to spend some time reading this persecuted journalists’ work. I picked up Keep Rootin’ for Putin in December (during his 1st sentencing… Read more »

Reading: Keep Rootin’ for Putin

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Get the book HERE. If you aren’t reading Barrett Brown’s work, you should be. This week, I’m reading his latest book, Keep Rootin for Putin, after witnessing (from afar – thanks, Twitter) the depressing spectacle of his December 16th sentencing. LOL jk, I mean “sentencing.” More like a sorry excuse to drag the poor guy in front of an apathetic… Read more »

Reading: Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free

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“Information… doesn’t want a damn thing. This is a fight about people, and people want to be free .” I’m reading: Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free, Cory Doctorow’s latest non-fiction book on laws for the Internet Age (aka Doctorow’s Laws……. dude, love the humility 😀 ). Like all his books, it’ll probably wind up on his site for… Read more »

My Weekend Reading: Flock of Dodos

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Barrett Brown: jailed journalist, author, totally-not-spokesman for Anonymous, and general pot-stirring jackass*. (*note: term jackass used with utmost respect and admiration) Arrest did nothing to stop Barrett Brown  from publishing. From his new home in a Texas jail, he weighs in on everything from censorship to political history to jailhouse race dynamics to cookies. His work creates this… Read more »