Sony Pursued Site-Blocking in Norway Because Nobody Could Afford to Challenge Them

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In 2013 when site-blocking was hitting the courts in Norway (again,) Sony’s legal team briefly considered the threat of a challenge from the Norwegian Pirate Party or other groups opposed to filtering the internet. But any fears of a challenge were quickly brushed aside. Why? Because, in all likelihood, no one could take the financial risk of… Read more »

Reading List!

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I FINALLY have the chance to catch up on reading this weekend! Come hang out on Twitter & read with me (because who says reading has to be a lonely activity?!) or stick around here for the reviews afterward.  So what are you reading? What books are on your wish list? Reading Now: Post Human by David Simpson Sorry, David Simpson…….. Read more »

REVIEW: Keep Rootin’ for Putin by Barrett Brown

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Reviewing: Keep Rootin’ for Putin, get a copy from the Free Barrett Brown people HERE. Today, Barrett Brown is in court for – hopefully – the last time. As we wait for news from his sentencing, I urge everyone to spend some time reading this persecuted journalists’ work. I picked up Keep Rootin’ for Putin in December (during his 1st sentencing… Read more »

Reading: Keep Rootin’ for Putin

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Get the book HERE. If you aren’t reading Barrett Brown’s work, you should be. This week, I’m reading his latest book, Keep Rootin for Putin, after witnessing (from afar – thanks, Twitter) the depressing spectacle of his December 16th sentencing. LOL jk, I mean “sentencing.” More like a sorry excuse to drag the poor guy in front of an apathetic… Read more »

Reading: Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free

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“Information… doesn’t want a damn thing. This is a fight about people, and people want to be free .” I’m reading: Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free, Cory Doctorow’s latest non-fiction book on laws for the Internet Age (aka Doctorow’s Laws……. dude, love the humility 😀 ). Like all his books, it’ll probably wind up on his site for… Read more »

Will the Internet Ever Have a Library?

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Will the concept of a library die with the advancing digital age? Listen, if you haven’t heard – although the gaping vacuum in the Internets is hard to miss. That’s the whisper, in ever corner of the digital ‘verse, of the Pirate Bay vanishing, taking with it massive swaths of culture-hungry, file-sharing traffic. It’d hardly be news, except that… Read more »

Pirate Bay Founder Spends Another Birthday Behind Bars

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On October 17th, Gottfrid Svartholm – founder of the Pirate Bay and Scandinavia’s favorite hacking scapegoat  – will spend his birthday behind bars… for the third time. We already know why we should still care about Anakata’s post-Pirate Bay trials, and how tech-illiterate prosecutors are a chilling side effect of the digital age. But today, how about just dropping a card… Read more »

Artists Have Opinions, Get Over It

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This post was inspired by a TorrentFreak comment thread earlier this week. But it could have been inspired by any number of interactions I’ve had over the years as an artist with a political opinion. It’s been said a hundred times, but I say it again because it keeps needing to be said: Artists can make up… Read more »