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There’s a new player in the ebook world. Welcome Ownshelf! Ownshelf is a new platform that helps Facebook users connect with their friends for a more social reading experience. It also gives readers a convenient place to share their books across devices. Like Facebook itself, it’s exclusive – the “Bookshelves” you see are specific to your social circle…. Read more »

I STILL Stand With Pirate Party UK

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This week brought sad news for the Pirateverse: BPI got its way by intimidation and force yet again. After vicious personal threats of bankruptcy against individual members of Pirate Party UK, the party’s Pirate Bay proxy has gone dark. It’s a bad day for creators and fans alike. But setbacks like these are not defeats. Rather, they are… Read more »

Artists: Stand With Pirate Party UK!

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Read the sad update on the fight The creative world needs your help. The Pirate Bay is used by thousands of artists. When the Pirate Bay crew decided to help out creators with promotions, this was so popular that they’ve now created an entire site dedicated to artist promotions, The Promo Bay. While those lucky enough to get promoted… Read more »

Dear Lady Justice: I Am Not A Xerox Machine (Full Version)

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Yesterday,  this article on Falkvinge.net reminded of a guest post I did on PirateWho about the value of creators – something the copyright debate tends to ignore. With PirateWho currently down, I’m republishing my guest post in full here: Dear Lady Justice, How are you? I ask because you seem a bit disoriented lately.  I wouldn’t… Read more »

Embarrassing Confession: I like to watch reality TV while I write.

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Sorry for the doom and gloom lately. On a ligher note… My shameful confession of the year! Last year, during NaNoWriMo, I posted a few tips that I find helpful for marathon writing. Some of them are awkward, like remembering to wear pants when rushing out of the house, and avoiding the I-forgot-to-shower-between-chapters-two-through-eleven stink.  But here’s the… Read more »


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Halfway through November, my NaNoWriMo updates looked pretty grim. Well, confession time: Things didn’t get any better. I stopped updating my word count shortly after I switched projects, not because I wasn’t writing, but because I wasn’t posting it. Not that every WriMo posts their work – most don’t. But I said I would, and I wasn’t going… Read more »

Bittersweet Facts

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Let’s get one thing clear: the following should surprise absolutely no one. Over the weekend, news broke of yet another piracy-related study, this one having to do with the dearly departed Megaupload. In this paper, The Munich School of Management and Copenhagen Business School show that the shutdown of Megaupload negatively impacted the box office sales of many movies. Yeah,… Read more »

Review: Above Ground by A.M. Harte

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Above Ground by A.M. Harte Genre: Fantasy (Of the vampire, werewolf & etc. variety) In short, I really enjoyed this book. Ever wonder what it’d be like to grow up without seeing the sky?  That’s the reality for humans in the post-apocalyptic underground world of Above Ground. (And, yes, I DID feel claustrophobic just reading about it…) Above… Read more »

New Reference Page: Piracy/Copyright Links

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I’m collecting all things Pirate and Copyright into a new reference page. This page will include research, court decisions, and anecdotes not only from the publishing industry, but from the film and music industries as well. We can always learn a thing or two from our predecessors. Why repeat their mistakes? I’m doing this for two… Read more »