I Need Your Help: Get Amazon to Free Skyland!

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As many of you already know, earlier this year my book Skyland Book I: Abominations came to rest quietly on the digital shelves. Now, it needs your help. I need your help. After some… uh… disagreements over distribution in the Smashwords catalogue – which distributes to all the major online ebook retailers – Skyland was published separately to Amazon, which accepts public domain… Read more »

Is TUEBL Down?

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No. TUEBL is just fine. But six-strikes rumors have sent a chill through the ebookworm community. For those who missed it, the United States’ six-strikes schemes, like it’s foreign cousins the three–strikes, is a plan hatched between the copyright industries (read: Hollywood, Record Labels, and other non-artist middlemen) to stop people downloading and sharing art for free…. Read more »

European Court Of Human Rights Admits That Copyright Holder’s “Rights” Violate Our Freedoms

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“The Court held that sharing, or allowing others to share files of this kind on the Internet, even copyright-protected material and for profit-making purposes, was covered by the right to ‘receive and impart information’ under Article 10 (freedom of expression)…” This week, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) recognized something that Pirates, lawyers, artists,… Read more »

Copyright Trolls Going Too Far

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Living in the (nominally, relatively) free world,  I normally take for granted that my words alone won’t subject me to legal action. Yes, harassment, threats, or slander have consequences. But as an American, I sleep comfortably believing that I’m within my First Amendement rights to speak my mind. I can even stand in front of the White House or… Read more »

Aaaaand 2 Weeks Later, A Review:TPB_AFK the Pirate Bay Documentary

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On February 8th, the four-years-in-the-works documentary on The Pirate Bay was released. TPB AFK is a critical work. More than just a fun story of a popular website, it is a powerful narrative central to the struggles of this – of my – generation. After closely following the story IRL for years and waiting anxiously for the… Read more »

I’m Not Crazy! Others Break Into The Public Domain

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When I first used CC0, the public domain “license”, on Stories About Things in 2011, I’d only ever seen it in two places: Falkvinge.net (the blog of the Pirate Party founder – no surprise there!) and Your Face is a Saxophone (yeah, that’s as awesome as it sounds.) No basic googling turned up any big time indie writers using it. Not even… Read more »

Writing to Publishers – Noordhoff

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January has brought us yet another example of bad behavior from publishers. Earlier this month, a math teacher was convicted for linking to pirated answer sheets. While as a fiction writer, I am always saddened to see novels taken down in the mass book burnings of the internet age, even I have to admit it’s even harder… Read more »

Mega Is Down? Nope! Just Flattened Under Stampede of Enthusiastic Fans

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As of this minute one year ago #Megaupload was destroyed by the US Government. Welcome to Mega.co.nz — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) January 19, 2013 With 100,000 registered users in less than an hour, Mega – the bigger, better, more resilient storage/sharing platform of Kim Dotcom, and the phoenix rising from the ashes of Megaupload –… Read more »