Hi. I’m Aelius. These are my books.



Short Stories

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In a world where anonymity is banned, holding an alias is a serious offense and nicknames are guarded like gold.










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Richard is hopeful when his spaceship crashes on an inhabited planet. But with his friend hurt in the crash, and medical supplies on this planet strangely expensive, hope begins to fade.









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It’s a bad day when your spaceship crashes. But if it’s a ship fueled by carbon emissions that runs aground on one of the most polluted habitable planets in the galaxy, your day might just be a little bit better.
Of course, if some people want to clean up that planet, it’s a bad day for carbon-emission-fueled-spaceships.







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Death preserved forever in drops of maple syrup – a name just out of reach – a bear’s growl – a door that leads to… nowhere, and a man who walks through it.

These are the stories of things: some just this side of reality, some just that side of… somewhere else.


“striking and evocative writing…unusual characters and plots — a doctor obsessed with time travel, a widow consumed by grief for her late husband, and a man addicted to maple syrup.”  From A.M Harte, Editor-in Chief 1889 Labs

“Aelius seems really at ease writing fiction, happy doing it and if you don’t like it you can go read something else.”  From Douglas Lucas freelance writer and Clarion West alum





Skyland is drying up. Nine ships are set to leave for a new colony. But flying into the Sky is an affront to the heavens and the Sky Reverends will not allow it.

Destroying the ships – the abominations that fly into the holy Sky – is a great honor, one Harper should gladly give his life for. The Sky Reverends instill in their followers one lesson: the Sky is sacred and flying is an affront to the Heavens. Raised by a Reverend, Harper Fields learned to obey and agree.

But he doesn’t agree. Not really. And in one daring moment he chooses not to obey–instead boarding the ship he was meant to destroy.

Download: MOBI – EPUB – PDF



4 Responses to “My Books”

  1. Rachel Verdi

    Hi there! Thank you SO much for making your fiction available! Very much looking forward to your sci-fi offerings. I was also shocked to read about Brokep’s plight, and embarrassed I’d not run into this sooner, as I’m a bit of an armchair activist. Thanks so much for the information!

    Finally… a plea for your help! lol I’m DESPERATELY trying to apply for ‘TUEBL Women in Technology’ program. It would be such an amazing blessing to me, truly. But the site is still a bit wonky, and I can’t actually submit my application.. flat out won’t work. Also cannot find a single link allowing me to contact anyone at Tuebl, as they’ve suspended registration to forums. Gah! lol Hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction, as you’re clearly the one to see re: all matters Tuebl-icious. Thanks ever so much! I would be so distressed to miss such a killer opportunity.


    • AeliusBlythe

      HEY, I will definitely pass along your info for the Women in Tech thing. I LOVE that they’re doing that, and I know there’s been a ton of interest in it! And yeah, they’ve been doing updates and struggling with all the traffic and whatnot, so I’m sure some things will not be working quite right. But I’ll definitely give them the heads up about your interest and let them know to get in touch.

      It’s really great to see people interested in this 😀

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  3. FirstLionel

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