WebFiction is more than a fad. It’s more than the last resort for the unemployed, can’t-get-a-break, lying-drunk-under-a-pile-of-unpublished-manuscripts writer.

WebFiction is a literary movement in its own right. And it’s a quirky and  diverse subculture, that’s really just a hell of a lot of fun.

Cheapass Fiction is a site dedicated to exploring, analyzing and encouraging the free and dirt-cheap fiction available on the web and the cultural movement it expresses.

Stories and novels on the internet that aren’t published through recognized commercial companies are often seen as cheap and worthless. WebFiction isn’t even allowed in the gutter of the literary scene. It’s the bad neighborhood down the street that the gutter runs into.

Well, we happen to like the neighborhood. We say “Hell yeah!” to cheap fiction. We say it may not be worth $14.99 or $9.99 or even $5.99, but entertainment doesn’t need to have a price tag. And when it does, we’re likely to pass it by and go hang out on the porch steps of our crappy neighborhood for kicks.

About Me


I’m Aelius.

In the world outside of 1s and 0s, I’m… well, it’s not important.  I don’t spend much time there anyway.  There, I’m human.  Female of my species.  20 something.  Easily frightened by things with sharp beaks, things with big teeth, and Australia.

Here, I’m a writer.

I write Free–with–a–capital–F fiction. Public Domain/CC0/Do-whatever-the-hell-you-want-with-it fiction, because… fuck copyright. Why? My entire life I dreamed about telling people stories. I did not dream about telling people stories that they could never tell to anyone else ever because they didn’t have the right.

I love reading all things non-traditional, and web fiction is one of my favorites. Here’s a primer if you’re not familiar: Web Fiction: A definition , Web Fiction: What it is and isn’t.

I am also a TUEBLover.

Searches for The Ultimate E-Book Library tend to point here. This is not because I run TUEBL. This is not because I have anything technical or official to do with TUEBL. I’m just a blogger. And I’m one of the few covering TUEBL news. I fucking love libraries, and if standing in as the totally-official-not-really blogger of TUEBL news is the  best way that I can help out our library, then that’s what I’ll do.

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  1. Anthea

    Hmmm…I’m curious; does webfiction include fanfiction (which I love) or just uniquely created stories?

  2. aeliusblythe

    I love fanfic too, but I don’t include it as webfiction just because it’s already got its own thing. Technically, “web” “fiction” is ANY fiction published on the web. But as a movement, I believe what is generally called “webfiction” is a distinct movement/subculture of people creating original fiction that just happens to be free on the internet.

  3. aeliusblythe

    There wasn’t one-thanks for pointing it out!

    Now it’s at the bottom on the right. Now going to go see if I can put it in a more prominent location…

  4. andrew hessel

    Enjoying your site and love the concept. Also, thrilled you’re reading Rush … if you’re only half-way, I think it’s safe to say the best is yet to come. All the best.

  5. aeliusblythe

    Hey, thanks for stopping over!
    I am definitely looking forward to finishing the book, and probably starting on the others. I think the length is probably just an issue for me because I have been incredibly busy lately. But I am definitely liking the story!

  6. Mel

    Hi Aelius,

    I found the email subscribe at the bottom but you might want to throw in a RSS subscribe button too. I added you in my reader by copy pasting your url into my reader, but life is so much easier with a button. :-)

  7. hollyjb

    Thanks so much for subscribing to my blog! I hope I can entertain you as much as web fiction! I will tell you, some of the best ideas, the best written stories were one’s I’ve read online that were free and non-published in the traditional way. Of course you have to sift through the not-so-good and the downright crap to get to it, but the amazing stuff is out there! It’s like singing….a lot of people like to do it and have every right to…..in their shower or in the privacy of their own home. Not everyone is meant to perform that’s just the way it is. You can’t be good at everything, you can just work to excel at what you are good at!

    • aeliusblythe

      Sometimes I think sifting through it all is the fun part. Then when you come across something good it’s all the more rewarding. On the web, it’s not all just handed to you you have to go out and search for it. And IMHO the best part is finding the hidden gems that almost no one has seen. I feel so privileged to be able to read so many people’s work.

      And I love what I’ve read on your blog, so far and I hope to hear more! I’m a traveler too and I love hearing others’ stories.

    • aeliusblythe

      Thanks for subscribing! I hope you’ll find something good to read here. The web is a big place and there’s a whole slew of fiction out there. I’m just trying to sort through it a bit.

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  9. Kat

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you put into getting us these books but lately i haven’t been capable most books that you would usually have by now.

    • AeliusBlythe

      Yeah, that sucks :( TUEBL doesn’t control what goes up, and I know they WISH they could have all the books people want. But I also know there have been some angry authors trying to make them institute even MORE controls on what books are available (Even though TUEBL has a tighter DMCA policy that YouTube or Google!) I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but it’s possible the collection is being affected by this.
      (Also sorry for the late reply! Been away…)


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