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“Copying, “piracy”, and open culture is about “a lot more than just copyright infringement and other mischief. They also concern freedom, equality, human rights and human nature.”

So says Alex, the filmmaker of a new webseries about copying:

We’re all familiar with Nina Paley’s cute “Copying is not theft” video that explains copying in song and cartoon. It’s a good reminder of that whole “You catch more flies with honey…” thing. Copyright trolls, and angry mobs are so anger-inducing that the copyright dialogue (whether on Twitter or in Congress) hardly ever escapes flame-war territory. But cute and friendly videos are a way better way to make friends.

I don’t know how cute Copy-me is going to be, but it definitely looks like it’ll be a friendly and informed dialogue on copying. The filmmaker has already made a short film called The Internet is Closing Down that contrasted sharing culture with the tight-gripped control of copyright. From their videos so far, it looks like Copy-me is going to be an expanded and updated exploration in that same vein.

And the crew is practicing what they preach by putting out the videos under the CC-BY license. That’s Creative Commons Attribution: you can do whatever you like with this video, just tell people where you got it. (And we know, that’s the best kind of advertising there is!)

The filmmakers are running an IndieGogo campaign to help raise funds for professional video-making-stuff like sound and video editing, animation, music composing and script writing, studio time, research and whatnot. They have a good supply of rewards including posters (I REALLY want that “How to copy” one!), tee shirts, and (if you donate 200-250€) an encrypted & engraved USB stick that says “Screw you NSA”!

And of course, if you can’t donate (and even if you can!) you can always support the project by sharing the hell out of it!

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