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Hey world! Today after almost a year of work – on top of work on Skyland Book II, general blog transformations, and numerous other projects – today, I am FINALLY launching the new Extended Edition of Skyland I: Abominations

Extended edition? Extended edition?  Who does an extended edition of a novel?

I hear you.

This took nearly a year to put together because it isn’t just a few 15 second scene extensions here and there and it isn’t just a re-addition of the rambling pages that got cut in final edits. Over the last year, as I worked on Book II, I read, reread, reread, and reread again Book I, making notes and continuing storylines and growing the world that appeared in the published pages. This is world building. There’s more than what appears on the page, and I needed to make sure I knew every single corner of this world. If I was to continue their journeys, I needed to know every single corner of my character’s minds and every single dark and dusty corner on their path. I took notes. I rewrote them. I rewrote them again. And again. Then again. I worked on the off-the-page story and commentary until it was full, until it was a world, until I knew every step of the story I was writing – even the ones that didn’t make it to the page.

And I want to share this

This edition of SKyland has ~70 pages of this off-the-page world. It has the rest of Harper and Zara and the Sky worshippers and the Union. And it has snapshots of the thought and rational that grew them and their world.

Skyland is, and always will be, free for download on TUEBL (or anywhere else anyone wants to put it.) But I hope you will consider taking a peek behind these pages and deeper in to the world of Skyland. And I hope you will consider supporting a copyright-free indie author in the process. And for you, the Extended Edition is here.

Oh, and did I mention? When you get the code to download this edition, you don’t just get a few 1s and 0s – you getting a real, ink-on-tree-pages paperback of Skyland Book I. And it’s signedGo on, take a look. You are most welcome in my world.



:-( I am so sad right now….

Who would’ve thought that the day that I finally finish nearly a YEAR’S worth of work would be the day that my computer would decide to go on strike? Today of all days I seem to be stuck between a computer and an internet connection that together only have occasional functionality and are seriously putting a stake into my plans for a smooth book launch. So if you’ve come here because something I said caught your interest, or because you wanted to support indie authors, or maybe because you just like books please SHARE this far and wide because I can’t.


THANKS to everybody who’s helped to get the word out! 😀 <3

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