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Recommend a tear jerker


This is one of the most difficult challenges yet. I really don’t cry over books. Or movies. Or TV. Or news. I guess that as with the book-throwing challenge, though, we could assume that tear jerker may be not literal in this challenge, and just assume it means a sad book. But it would be impossible to even begin to recommend a single book out of the many that are just sad! I mean, I don’t exactly read rainbows-and-unicorn happy tales.

So, taken literally, there is one book and one book alone that has ever gotten to tear-jerker status with me: Harry Potter 6.

Yeah, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which in case you’ve forgotten is the one where SOMEBODY kills SOMEBODY ELSE, which is the shocking part, and then there is a funeral, which is the sad part.

Yeah, Harry Potter made me cry.

Shut up. All of you.

~This confession brought to you by the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge :-)


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