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Confession #3:

Sometimes I like books because I like the authors.

This is the less mean corollary to Confession #2.

I’m not saying I like The Sandman or The Graveyard Book or Neverwhere  *  because Neil Gaiman has an enlightened view of copyright or because he is a shockingly (because he’s English…) ardent defender of the First Amendment. Despite the grudges I hold against books for their author’s foibles, I DO recognize that a work can very well be exceptional regardless of the person behind the words. Moreover, as someone with a pretty shitty personality who hopes to write less-than-shitty books, I REALLY hope that most people are wiser than I am and can separate the story from the storyteller.

So no. I’m not saying that I like books only when I like the authors.

I’m just saying.


~This confession brought to you by the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge :-)



*Yeah, I don’t like American Gods. So shoot me already.

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