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Thank you all for the ton of smiles you submitted for Smile Month! And as promised we randomly selected a winner. Behold, Adeel and A Short History of Nearly Everything:

A GREAT reading choice, by the way. I love Bill Bryson. Or….. his books, at least. (Though I’m sure the guy himself is quite the charmer too! :-)The Mother Tongue was one of my earliest introductions to Linguistics and inspired me to study it in college. And when I get eaten by a bear while hiking the Appalachian trail, you can totally blame Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods for the inspiration. I haven’t gotten around to reading A Short History of Nearly Everything, but with a fellow TUEBLover’s endorsement, I may have to add it to my reading list.

Though the Smile Month prize was random, there was one pic so adorable that we couldn’t finish the contest without giving it something. So we added in a cutest pic prize! TUEBL sent an Amazon gift card to this early bookworm for the adorable pic of her and her favorite book:

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Thank you ALL for smiling and reading!




2 Responses to “SMILE – We have a winner!”

  1. Adeel Ahmed

    Thank you for this Tuebl! 😀 This was a great initiative. I haven’t read the mother tounge yet, but i’ve read ‘eats, shoots and leaves’ so i know exactly what you mean.
    A short history of nearly everything is a great book! You must read it.

    • AeliusBlythe

      Thank you for participating!

      I can’t wait to read A Short History of Nearly Everything – I hadn’t thought about Bryson’s work in a long time, and I could use something new to read. So thanks for the reminder!


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