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At TUEBL we decided we were going to launch a “Smile and Win” contest to get people smiling next to their favourite books. The hope was to get a bunch of pictures shared on instagram, and maybe introduce some new people to our website. Within the first few days of the contest, I saw a photo come up on the stream which showed a little girl who was reading a book.


Adorable girl reading my little pony!

If you don’t know anything about TUEBL, know that what we focus on more than anything is getting people (primarily kids) interested in reading. People are not reading as much as they used to, and at TUEBL we want to fix that… it’s the coolest thing you can do and kids who read are said by 4 out of 5 people I just made up to be cooler.

I wanted to just decide that this picture won the contest, but I realized that it wouldn’t be fair to the other contestants if we did that. So I went on with the challenge and loved many of the pictures that were submitted, there were many beautiful people and amazing books. In the end 41 different pictures were submitted to our contest, and we were thrilled with the result.

Later on the results will be submitted, we will tell you that adorable My Little Pony girl did not win. However, we knew that we had to do SOMETHING to say “thank you for submitting an awesome picture” so we did. We gave her dad $25 and told him to let her spend it on whatever it is that she wanted.

Just now we got a new post from him on twitter and it looks like his daughter was able to do quite well for herself:



Whoever said money said money can’t buy happiness was clearly mistaken, this was the best $25 I have spent in a long time. I am sure she is kinda happy too.

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