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Or at least, Smile Half-Month. In case you haven’t been over to the library recently (and WHY not?!), is livening up the month of May with a prize drawing.

Win $100 USD

To celebrate both smiles AND favorite books, TUEBL want’s YOU to share both. Here’s how:

Your Task

1. Have an Instagram account (because of course you didn’t already have one lol!)

2. Then, click here and like TUEBL’s image.

3. Now, take a picture on Instagram of YOU smiling with YOUR favorite book (the smiling part is important! :-) )

4. Tag it

Then what?

Of all the pictures of people smiling with their favorite books, TUEBL will randomly draw one – and if that’s yours you get $100!

Then, for every 50 likes TUEBL’s image gets, one more $100 winner will be drawn – up to 5 winners.

You have until May 31…………. Get smiling!



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