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Things have been dark lately! The heavy politics, pirate-chasing, and profit talk are tiring. How about a break? Yeah, I could use one, too. So instead of doom and gloom, today I bring you……..

A Tutorial!

Specifically, a how-to on TUEBL.

Or at least, on TUEBL’s pronunciation!

Pronunciation is hard in Internetland, where the written word rules. And when you’ve got a weird mashup of letters like TUEBL does, attempts to translate it to speech can get pretty mangled! So here’s the definitive guide for TUEBLovers who want to get it right.

International Phonetic Alphabet pronunciation of TUEBL:

[thúb. ɫ ]

Yeah, I bet that was helpful!  😛

Ok, a translation for the non-linguists out there:

1. Stress on the first syllable

2.  TOOB, as in the word tube 


3. ul, as in the sound at the end of babble 


TOOB – ul




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